Looking Back and Moving On: St. Louis Rams Down Kansas City Chiefs

By Beta311

Well, it certainly wasn’t as pretty as the game against the Arizona Cardinals.  It was nowhere close, really, as the Kansas City Chiefs got throttled by the St. Louis Rams.  Now, I know what the immediate response is going to be.  “It’s preseason, these games don’t matter.”   And it’s true, these games don’t matter at the end of it all, so there’s no reason to panic.  But there were some things that killed the Chiefs in this game.

One big one was the turnover committed by wide receiver Jon Baldwin.  Turnovers happen, they’re part of the game, but man, they’re downright detrimental when they occur on your own end.  Then, another big problem that was responsible for killing a drive was Brandon Albert‘s penalties on back-to-back plays.  Now, was there holding on the first one?  Yeah, but you live with that.  Then the real killer was the facemask called on him the play immediately afterwards.

Now, I do take issue with the facemask penalty.  That should’ve been a no-call, in  my opinion, because not only was Albert responsible for grabbing a facemask, but the defender was just as guilty of grabbing Albert’s, as well.  This is one time when it was real evident that there were backup officials calling this game and not the usual A-squad.

I also found myself yelling obscenities (I know, I get too intense) when Javier Arenas was called on for pass interference.  That type of stuff, in the regular season, leads to easy points for the opposition.  What makes things worse is that, even despite having Arenas draped on the receiver, the pass was still caught for a touchdown.

Also, it looks like we still don’t have a clear-cut backup quarterback.  Ricky Stanzi was, by no means, impressive (and Ive been a Stanzi apologist all this time) during his shot to make his statement against the Rams defense, throwing a pick and fumbling the ball away on back-to-back possessions.

Very little seemed to go right for Kansas City’s ball club against the Rams on Saturday night, but one thing is for certain: it’s still the preseason.   And this game’s result proves that anybody claiming they know a team’s aptitude based off of one preseason game  in the home stadium is barking up the wrong tree.  Hopefully the Chiefs can rebound sooner than later.

Question for the reader: does this game do anything to shake your confidence in the Chiefs?  If so, why?  If not, tell why.

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