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NFL Rumors: Are the Washington Redskins and Indianapolis Colts Attempting to Create a Rivalry?

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Ever wondered what would happen if you merged one of sport’s most lucrative owners with one of the most outspoken and social network savvy owners? A pre-season rivalry, that’s what.

Apparently, the Washington Redskins and Indianapolis Colts have decided to market their quarterback’s – Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck by selling rivalry pre-season shirts on their sites. Of course, Andrew Luck went ahead of Griffin during 2012’s NFL draft and the two QB’s have been touted as maybe the best 1 – 2 duo in NFL draft history. If we’re keeping a count of wins/losses, obviously Luck beat Griffin by being selected #1 overall… If you can even consider that a win. However, Griffin did beat Luck by becoming the 77th Heisman trophy winner. So I guess you can say they’re even.

On August 25th, Griffin will make his home debut against the Luck led Indianapolis Colts and to get fans hyped, both teams are now selling Rivalry T-Shirts on their site.

Redskins Screenshot  

Colts Screenshot 

Initial thought is, $35.oo for a T-shirt is pretty expensive. Especially when you consider the fact that you must also pay shipping and handling – for the Redskins, that’s like an extra 50 bucks right there. But if that’s your cup of coffee, so be it. Let’s not forget, it is Pre-Season Memorabilia.

Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck will forever be compared, and each team’s owner has seemed to embrace it. The second pre-season game hasn’t even been played yet, and we’re talking Luck vs RGIII. These teams rarely play each other in the regular season, so I assume both sides wanted to seize an opportunity to add more anticipation to a Luck vs RGIII match-up.

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