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NFL Rumors: Could David Wilson Have Earned the Backup Running Back Spot?

Up to this point, it appeared unlikely that rookie David Wilson would snatch up the backup running back role from veteran D.J. Ware. However, a subpar performance from Ware in the New York Giants’ preseason matchup with the New York Jets may have shuffled Wilson up the depth chart ahead of the longtime Giant.

Such a move is not the norm with Tom Coughlin at the helm, as he has preferred to limit the amount of playing time rookies see when they first enter the NFL. Still, Wilson has shown far more promise than Ware in preseason and in the past, where Ware has never really been a capable contributor in the run game for New York.

Wilson, meanwhile, had another strong preseason outing. Though his rushing numbers were not outstanding (eight carries for 26 yards), he impressed in pass protection very early in the game—something coaches and scouts have been concerned about with him coming into the league.

His impressive speed continues to stand out as his biggest benefit in the running game, but his ability to break tackles is going to be something that turns him into a dramatic game-changer for the Giants.

His talent, intangibles and potential are all things that place him high above anything Ware has to offer the Giants, so why even think about this? Ware may be a standout practice player, but when gameday arrives he becomes invisible. Wilson places the spotlight on himself with stunning, athletic ability while carrying the football that will only improve as he sees more playing time.

After another dismal performance from Ware, Wilson may be aiding the Giants coaches in accepting the fact that the rookie is simply a better option than the knowledgeable veteran. If it isn’t already, the job should be Wilson’s sooner rather than later.

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