Washington Redskins Lose To Chicago Bears 33-31: Observations

By Ricky Allen

Here are some observations from the Washington Redskins 31-33 loss to the Chicago Bears:

What we’ve learned: A field goal is still a heartbreaker…

Kirk Cousins is sharp. Cousins made some laser throws in coverage tonight that were very impressive. He put on a show tonight any coach would have been proud of.  He should be the No.2 backup QB, not No.3. He has a wonderful eye for splitting the defense.  However, I hate his stutter step. He’s done that in both games. He’s gonna trip over his own two feet sooner or later. But for now,  Cousins completed 18 out of 23 for 264 yards. If it works, it works.

Brandon Banks, keep your day job: When you return a 91-yard punt for a TD, you’ve found your calling.

We can get some passes into the endzone: Early in the Fourth quarter Kirk Cousins connected with TE Niles Paul in a  15-play 68-yard drive.  What? An actual pass into the endzone? For a touchdown? You’re kidding me right? Get used to it. Kirk Cousins is fast, knows how to get open, and isn’t afraid to work for it. Three touchdown passes…three. When was the last time you saw that?

Jason Campbell will be a good backup for Chicago. I wish him the best: I’ve always said this about Jason Campbell: If he had a stable offensive scheme, he’d be ok. He proved my point right tonight. He completed 9 out of 15 for 141 yards.

Don’t leave your feet: RB Antwon Bailey within 7 minutes in the fourth tried to take to the air with the ball and fumbled with the Skins down by a touchdown. A lesson was learned there: Don’t take to their trying to look like Walter Payton, just protect the ball and play it smart.

Redskins’ morale is high: Last season, when the Redskins were down more than two touchdowns, you could just feel the team called it a day. Now it seems everyone is playing down to the very last second. It’s different, and I like that. The Redskins scored twice within 3 minutes in the second half…you got to love that.  The loss tonight wasn’t due to a lack of heart.

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