Welcoming Back Kansas City Chiefs Wide Receiver Dwayne Bowe

It’s great to have Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe back.  I can’t say I blame him not wanting to come up to training camp (though I, like many people, was frustrated he wasn’t here for so long).  All that is the past now, though, as Kansas City looks to compete against a very tough opening to the schedule in an effort to make a statement this year in the AFC West.  The primary goal en route to doing that will be getting Bowe back to 100 percent football shape.  When they get him back there, I think the Chiefs will have a real shot at contending for something more than the division.

And this return is definitely a good thing, because as much as you may like wide receiver Jon Baldwin, having that veteran go-to guy in Bowe is an irreplaceable aspect of a team’s dynamic, and something that, until you’re missing it, tends to be taken for granted (kind of like the situation in 2011, being down three star players to ACL injuries).  My question is: how long does it take to get Bowe familiar with offensive coordinator Brian Daboll‘s playbook?  How long does it take Bowe to get back to that 100 percent football shape level?  Here’s hoping he’s ready by the regular season opener against the Atlanta Falcons.

Bowe’s return definitely adds to the optimism heading into the season.  Quarterback Matt Cassel has been playing pretty well in the preseason (definitely better than his backups have been performing, thus far), as he gets used to the new, more aggressive offensive system.  Getting Bowe into the fold should help elevate the offense to the next level by giving Cassel one more weapon (not to mention, his key weapon) to utilize.  If I had to place a  bet on it, I would say we’ll see Bowe 100 percent by the Atlanta game, if not before.

Two questions for the readers: does the seasonal win total expectation for the Chiefs go up because of Bowe’s return?

Also, where do you rank Bowe, overall,  in terms of wide receivers?

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  • Gordon

    Guess we’ll have to wait to see? Sounds like Crennel is not all about DB at the moment. You can obviously hear his frustration with DB not being involved in the off-season as he should have been. Personally, I have to say that it’s DB typical that he has not matured enough to have overcome his own “me” personality to participate. I have to believe that if he would have put “self” aside for “team” during the off-season, it would have spoken volumes to the front office and his own credibility toward that long term, big money contract that he’s after, providing the upcoming season warrants it. The other issue that hasn’t been mentioned regarding his holdout and the Chiefs holdout, is the Larry Johnson fiasco. Do you remember what happened there? I’m thinking front office and the “player-attitude” has a little something to do with that as well. I think the front office did the right thing, but I also believe that they may have bent a little more if DB would have put the team first, before himself, in spite of the new CBA?….Maybe not?

    • Beta311

      Excellent comment! Thank you for reading and taking time to comment.

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