Is the Chicago Bears’ Offense Elite?

I’ve been a Chicago Bears fan for 38 years. In my lifetime, I’ve had the privilege of watching guys like Walter Payton play for my beloved Bears. All in all, the Bears haven’t been what one would consider an offensive team.

Well my friends, I believe things are finally beginning to change. The Bears have a franchise quarterback in Jay Cutler leading what appears to be the beginnings of an elite offense. With the additions of Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey and Michael Bush, the Bears have some weapons to compliment Matt Forte and Earl Bennett. Even Devin Hester should benefit from being a part of this group. With the offensive line looking much more poised in the second preseason contest against the Washington Redskins, we may be witnessing something special.

Is it possible that the Bears are becoming an elite offense? It isn’t out of the question.

Cutler was coming into his own last season before injuring his right thumb. With him being healthy and having his old chum Marshall as his main target, everyone just got a heck of a lot better. Teams are going to have to account for the Bears’ passing attack, and this leaves things wide open for Forte to the outside and Bush on the inside to run the football. Teams are going to have to respect the fact that there’s a few different ways the Bears can score points. It becomes an opposing defensive coordinator’s worst nightmare.

Many of you gave me flack for calling Cutler the best quarterback in football earlier this year. Perhaps he will prove me right and I can spread the crow around to the naysayers. It was one thing for the Bears to trade for a quarterback the caliber of Cutler; it is now another thing that they’ve given him some serious weapons.

Let’s not forget that despite his off-the-field problems, Marshall has been one of the league’s most productive wide receivers. Forte has been one of the league’s most productive all-around backs. Add a talented rookie like Jeffrey and a crafty veteran like Bennett, and there are options. I think we will see Hester steal many big plays on offense as well.

I have been one of general manager Phil Emery‘s biggest critics, but I think he recognized that the Bears had to get better offensively to compete with the other prolific offenses in the NFC North. What I think will separate the Bears from the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers is the running game.

The Bears featuring Forte and Bush gives them one of the best running back combinations in the league. The Lions still are looking for some sort of running identity and the Packers are showing a bit of running desperation with the addition of Cedric Benson. When the weather turns, having a running game is key.

I would like the Packers faithful to recognize that the team is blessed with a heck of a passing attack, but the mild winter in the Midwest last season protected their lack of a running attack. They took advantage until the playoffs and beat teams into submission. The Lions are a heck of a team offensively too. But they’re untested outdoors. I think you see where I am going…

That’s all for now.

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  • Tyler Durden

    Holy Shit! This blog is still on the internet? Regardless, you reminded me of something….

    Phil Simms once said that someone told him they thought Jay Cutler was a game manager. Simms then said whoever said that knows nothing about football. I call bullshit on Simms. I don’t think anyone anywhere has ever called Jay Cutler a game manager. He’s the precise fucking opposite of a game manager. If you need a game managed and you see Jay Cutler volunteering his services, you feed him a pound of raw ground beef with a barbiturate tucked inside and you run away. No one said that to Phil Simms. He totally made up that straw man to make himself look good.

    Jonathan, here’s the question that’s been keeping me up at night, in all reality: Ever accidentally fap with a lotion that contains alpha hydroxy? DO NOT. Lotion makers need to put a big red warning label on any product containing alpha hydroxy that says ALPHA HYDROXY: WILL BURN PENIS TISSUE. You shouldn’t even use this on your face. It’s not worth looking three years younger to smear acid all over your goddamn forehead. Women have no compunction about using these products, or getting you to try them. They burn for HOURS. It’s horrible. Fuck you, alpha hydroxy.

    • Chicago Bear Jew

      Yes Mr. Fight Club, we are still alive and kicking.