It's Time for the Atlanta Falcons to Disable Roddy White's "Send" Button

Just when you think the Atlanta Falcons‘ outspoken wide receiver Roddy White is getting it, and knows that discretion is the better part of valor…he regresses back to his typical ways, and says something regrettable on social media.

You’d think Roddy would be getting tired of the taste of shoe leather by now.

Earlier this year, White was vehemently chastized by fans, media and coaches for his poorly-worded tweets regarding Joe Paterno and the unfortunate situation at Penn State.

This time he went after Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley with this stinging tweet:

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The retorts started coming in almost immediately from both Falcons fans and haters, some fans reminding White of what team he plays for, essentially in so many words telling him “Stay in your lane”.

Perhaps Roddy just has a general problem with the state of Pennsylvania?  Or is it as simple as an overactive, twitchy tweet finger?  Hey, Mike Smith and Thomas Dimitroff…are you listening out there?  Is there a way to disable that “send” button on Roddy White’s phone?

In defense of White, his point is well taken.  Players are the ones who go out and actually execute the plays.  But just as the plays wont get done without the players, those same players wouldn’t be able to plan the game very well without the coaches.

It’s a concept known around the NFL as T-E-A-M.  Obviously foreign to some.

Here’s a tweet for Roddy:

Hey @RoddyWhiteTV – The Falcons are 0-2 this preseason and haven’t been able to do a thing once the starters are out of the game.  Let’s concentrate on teaching our own instead of worrying about coaches from other teams.