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NFL Rumors: Washington Redskins: QB Controversy Already?

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Let me make this very, very clear: There is no battle going on for the leading role as Washington Redskins Quarterback.

According to the D.C. Sports Bog, Chicago Bears Analyst Jim Miller  Saturday night said the following:

Kirk Cousins, let’s put it this way,” Miller said. “I hate quarterback controversies, but after how he’s played so far, people are gonna say that.”

After reading that, I blacked out for five minutes in a fit of rage. Once I came back to, I was ready to write.

There is no controversy. There are no doubts after the 31-33 loss to the Bears Saturday night. Kirk Cousins had a good game, I’ll give him that. However, head coach Mike Shanahan has made it pretty clear that Robert Griffin III is the starting quarterback.

Let’s be done with this seed of doubt ok?

I’m amazed at how the tide changes so quickly when we have a game like last night. I’m starting to question analysis of the Robbie Gould field goal that won it for Chicago.   Let’s face it: Anytime you have someone pinned 57 yards back from the goal and you see them bring on their field goal unit, you know it’s a matter of hopes and prayers at that point.  It’s the chance for the kicker to be a hero.  Last night was Robbie’s time, that’s all.

I should also mention the guy has made 6 from beyond the 50-yard line. He’s made the same from 40-49 yards. Last night just shows how much better he’s getting.

Blame the loss on a lucky night for Gould, but don’t question whether or not the Redskins have made the right choices at the QB spot. That doesn’t make sense. We should all expect for Cousins to have good games: He’s a good quarterback. I’ve said this all year.  I’m emphasized the talent this guy has and why he’s a great addition to the Redskins roster.

RG3 is the starting quarterback.  You should want, and appreciate a good backup. Have we become numb to combinations like Rex Grossman/John Beck, and Jason Campbell/Rex Grossman? Think about it.

I think Miller falls in line with everyone else that’s used to laughing at the Redskins. Remember, he who laughs last, laughs best.  There’s a lot of football left to play. To make statements like that just shows what he knows, which is obviously very little about Redskins football. Maybe he sees what he could have been as a QB, but that might be too deep to talk about, and probably not important enough to mention in detail. I’ll chalk this up as a misplaced, or ill-timed opinion.

Ricky Allen is a Washington Redskins Blogger with Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @UltimateRedskin.


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