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Jake Locker Picked as the New Starting Quarterback for Tennessee Titans

It’s an exciting day for Tennessee, as head coach Mike Munchak has made a decision that Jake Locker will be starting the regular season over veteran Matt Hasselbeck.

There have been only two pre-season games but Locker has been able to prove himself to the organization that he is a better choice than Hasselbeck. With more completed passes for more yards he got the leg up even though many people thought his performance wasn’t up to par in last week’s showing against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Through two games Locker completed 11 of 24 pass attempts for 101 yards, however Hasselbeck only completed 9 of 14 for 74 yards, not to mention threw two interceptions.

According to the NFL, coaches like to have their starting quarterbacks picked by the third week of the preseason, the Tennessee Titans seem to be right on schedule.

Locker was drafted by the Titans in last years’ draft and was the only quarterback of the five drafted that year, that didn’t start a single game last season.

There will be a lot of pressure on him considering that his first challenge in the regular season will be the New England Patriots. It’s a free start for him and he has got something to prove.

This isn’t to say though, that Matt Hasselbeck is done playing football, not at all. He will be the backup quarterback, and while people may argue he is getting too old to play, he still looks good on the field, according to the Titans organization though, Locker has what it takes to get the job done.