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New Orleans Saints Add Wide Receiver Greg Camarillo; Waive Tackle Fenuki Tupou

The New Orleans Saints have signed wide receiver Greg Camarillo. In addition to the signing of Camarillo the Saints also cut ties with injured tackle Fenuki Tupou as the team waived him. Camarillo is a veteran wide receiver entering his seventh NFL season. Camarillo joins an already loaded wide receiver unit and I am not sure he will have a shot to see significant playing time. At any rate, the signing of Camarillo fills out the Saints’ 90-man roster and provides them with depth at wide receiver.

The Saints have been battling so many injuries during this off season and preseason, so it might be a smart decision to sign another wideout. Camarillo is somewhat of a journeyman as he has had stints with the San Diego Chargers, the Miami Dolphins, and the Minnesota Vikings. For his career Camarillo has caught 142 passes for 1,686 yards and five touchdowns.

Camarillo is a competent wide receiver with good size (6’2″ 200 pounds) and he has experience as a starter. During the 2008 and 2009 seasons Camarillo started 27 games with the Dolphins and had 105 receptions for 1,165 yards and two touchdowns. Camarillo’s starting experience could potentially earn him a spot on the 53-man roster but I would not be surprised if he was put on the practice squad.

The Saints seem pretty set with their wide receivers, but the No. 4 wide receiver spot is technically still available. If Camarillo can come in and wow he could possibly claim the number four spot. However, this may be unlikely given that other Saints’ wide receivers have played well during training camp and the preseason. This is the NFL though and anything can happen.

At the very least Camarillo can contribute on the practice squad and will be available should the Saints need to go deep into the depth chart. With all of the injuries the Saints are currently plagued with having an extra wide receiver couldn’t hurt.


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