New York Giants Video Goes Viral

By jason evans

When something that’s supposed to stay in house goes viral its usually not a good thing. This is what the New York Giants are currently dealing with. Steve Weatherford tweeted out a video of Jason Pierre-Paul throwing Prince Amukamara into a cold tub head first.

Amukamara was apparently resistant over some rookie hazing that occurred last season. The video at the end shows Pierre-Paul using some words you can’t say on television or write on this blog. Head coach Tom Coughlin had this to say:

“There may have … as I’m understanding it, there were some parts of it that were inappropriate. In no way is anything that occurs within this family or within our group should that be a part of any social media aspect. So I am going to address that strongly because I spent a little time on that this preseason. I will look into that further.”

Weatherford apologized via twitter about posting the video of it saying this:

” I want to apologize to the fans… The video I posted was distasteful. Our team is a family, and we love each other. I am sorry to the fans”

I understand that rookie hazing goes on in the NFL. Whether its the rookie show that team’s do every training camp, or shaving guys heads or whatever the case may be. To do something like that, that could potentially really injure someone is ridiculous. I’m sure Pierre-Paul and Weatherford will get talked too, maybe even fined by the team. The guy isn’t a rookie anymore. Move on.

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