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NFL Jacksonville Jaguars

NFL Rumors: Jacksonville Jaguars Set To Play Multiple Games Overseas

The Jacksonville Jaguars are set to announce a plan to play four “international games” from 2013-2016.

According to rumors, Jaguars owner Shahid Khan and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell are set to announce the plan in a press conference set for Tuesday.

Initial rumors surfaced last week when the St. Louis Rams backed out of their commitment to play in London in 2013 and 2014 that the Jaguars would be at the head of the line when the NFL began its search for a team to replace them. Now it appears that the Jaguars are poised to fill the void.

Ever since becoming owner of the Jaguars back in November, Khan has stated multiple times that he wishes to expand the brand of his franchise into the international market by playing in these international games. Khan believes that these games will not only benefit the growth of the Jaguars franchise but also help boost the profile of the city of Jacksonville.

With the Jaguars playing one game abroad each of the next four seasons, the fans at home should get a break on their season tickets with one less home game to buy tickets for.

There are also rumors that not all four of these games will be played in London. While the London game has been the first step in the NFL’s attempt to brand itself overseas, it is no secret that the NFL would like to make football an truly international sport.

It is unknown how Jaguars fans will respond to the news of losing a home game for each of the next four seasons, but as long as Khan’s intends to keep the team in Jacksonville they can’t really complain about the exposure.