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NFL Rumors: Jerry Jones Thinks Felix Jones’ Roster Spot Is Safe

If Jerry Jones wants to be the owner, GM, and coach of the Dallas Cowboys, he should just do it. It’s obvious that he’s got his own agenda and opinions on every player or situation, so maybe he should just end the charade already.

The latest example is when Jones spoke about the lackluster preseason performance of Felix Jones and was asked if Jones was in danger of being cut. “That’s a ridiculous thought,” Jerry Jones said on KRLD-FM Tuesday morning. “I’m not worried about him at all. From what I’ve seen out there, he’s got a chance to have a big year for us.”

From what he’s seen! Interesting since Jerry is not a coach, or a scout, but somehow feels that Felix Jones can have a big year. Based on what? Off-season shoulder surgery that has slowed him, a failed conditioning test, and multiple dropped passes in the Cowboys first two preseason games?

None of this observation is to discredit Felix Jones, because there is still time to work himself back into form; maybe it’s just taking him a little longer than the team thought. He’s still a player who has good skills and the experience to pick up the blitz effectively, so I don’t believe the Cowboys will, or should, release the running back. It makes sense to keep Jones around since the Cowboys have limited experience behind him with Phillip Tanner, who is injured right now, and rookie Jamize Olawale, who has impressed the Cowboys actual coaches and scouts in training camp. Each of these runners are behind starter DeMarco Murray, who hasn’t always had the best injury history so it would be nice to have some experience behind him.

I think the smart thing to do is to keep Felix Jones around for now. However, Jason Garrett has preached being great every day, and has stressed the importance of competition throughout the roster, so Jerry Jones should steer clear of stepping on his coach’s authority. Who are we kidding though, Jones will continue do that daily, and this situation seems no different.

How Jason Garrett will respond may be the better question. For that, we probably have to wait about 10 days to find out. Until then, it’s back to the Jerry Jones show.