NFL Rumors: Will Brett Favre Ever Coach In The NFL?

Former NFL quarterback and football legend Brett Favre is the new offensive coordinator for Oak Grove High in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The question must be asked, will Favre ever make it back to the NFL as a coach?

Oak Grove won their first game with Favre as the offensive coordinator by scoring a whopping 64 points. The team’s first touchdown occurred 44 seconds into the game and as the final score shows, they got there plenty of times after. The first score was a deep pass from quarterback Cameron Meyers (who was lined up in the slot) to wide out Kelvin Winston who had the luxury of scoring on Favre’s first official called play that went for a touchdown.

Favre plans on using the Oak Grove play book but head coach and close friend Nevil Barr insisted the retired gunslinger could add trick plays or any other offensive changes he thought would help the team score more points. Clearly, both ideas were utilized in the first scoring play that kicked off a 41-6 halftime lead.

“I trust in my offensive coaches — unless it’s just something that’s way out there,” Barr said. “Brett wanted to run it early in the game and it worked to perfection.”

Favre shows the same enthusiasm coaching prep school as he did playing 20 seasons in the NFL for the Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers, New York Jets, and Minnesota Vikings. In fact, there were times the game’s referees had to tell Favre to get back to the sidelines after he wandered out on to the field in pure excitement.

Every summer for the past few years there have been rumors about Favre making a return to the NFL and thankfully we have not had to endure the pain of watching it every day on ESPN in 2012. However, what if one summer a few years down the road the rumors start up again, but only this time it is about him returning as a coach of some sort instead of a player.

Favre has always stated when his time was up at the professional level he wanted to get as far away from football as possible, even though many speculated he would become a commentator for the game he loves so much. Nobody believed he could actually stay away and not have anything to do with football. Those people were right, except few speculated it would be coaching high school ball.

If Favre keeps coaching at Oak Grove and thoroughly enjoys it, what is preventing him from ever becoming a coach for a professional team? At the very least I could see him as a quarterbacks coach for a team with a young signal caller, although I am not sure many general managers and head coaches want Favre teaching their star pupil the gun slinging way.

I, for one, would welcome the idea of Favre becoming a coach for an NFL team, as I believe it would be great for him and the sport. It would be interesting to watch Favre running up and down the sidelines while showing his enthusiasm as his team just scored a touchdown. Not to mention, it would give him a chance to finally get that second elusive Super Bowl ring. Obviously, if this ever did happen it would not be for several years to come but it is certainly something worth thinking about.

What do you think? Should Brett Favre coach in the NFL if the opportunity presented itself?

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