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Tom Coughlin is Not Happy With the New York Giants’ Preseason Performance Thus Far

The New York Giants have not looked all that terrible in their first two preseason games against the Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Jets, but head coach Tom Coughlin is not pleased.

Coughlin told The Daily News’ Ebenezer Samuel:

“Offensively we need to go. We need to get something done here. We have some people who need to show that. Yes, quite frankly, we had a special teams error in both games. That’s got to be eliminated. We’ve got to put the ball in the end zone, that’s something that’s a challenge for the offensive team. The defense played well last week. We had the ball run on us the week before, so it’s a consistency thing. Can we go do that week in and week out? Against a team that scored a lot of points the other day and moved right down the field, advancing the ball in the air. It’s a good football team. It’s time for us to start to move in the direction of the execution and the performance being at a high level.”

With two more games remaining on the preseason schedule, the Giants will have their opportunities to make improvements and get better prepared for the regular season.  The defense has looked especially strong in both games, but consistency—as Coughlin pointed out—is a vital key to their success that must be sharpened before the season gets underway.

The defending Super Bowl champions are scheduled to open the regular season against the hated Dallas Cowboys on September 5th.

Unfortunately, it’s likely the Giants’ play is not the only thing Coughlin is upset about. With a video of defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul dropping cornerback Prince Amukamara into a tub of ice hitting the airwaves and causing all sorts of scorn for the Giants, Coughlin has an unwelcome headache that is only causing more stress for the 65-year-old coach while he prepares for a big season in which he and his team hope to successfully defend their NFL championship.

To be quite honest, Coughlin is never generally happy with his team’s play. I don’t mean that in a negative way, but the old, red-faced coach expects the best from his players and always wants improvement. He has simmered down in recent years, but Coughlin isn’t entirely pleased with his team’s performance until he is raising a Lombardi Trophy above his head.

So if the Giants wish to make their coach happy—and put this “tubgate” mess behind them without too much repercussions from him over the course of this season—they will do all they can to ensure Coughlin is holding his third Lombardi trophy in six seasons this February in New Orleans.

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