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Four Concussions Too Many: Should the Colts Waive Wide Receiver Austin Collie?

In the past 22 months, Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Austin Collie has suffered four concussions. Collie has been dealing with them since the 2010 season, which has many NFL fans worried about not just his playing career, but his life in general.

Against the Pittsburgh Steelers last Saturday in a pre-season game, Collie suffered his fourth concussion in the first quarter. He would not return. Rumor had it that it was a concussion while others say his leaving was a precaution.

Many people said, right after the hit happened, that Collie should just retire if it was a concussion. I really couldn’t believe at first that it was, because it’s sad to see such a talented player like him call it a career like that. However, after the rumor of the precautionary issue came up, all of those ideas were completely gone.

But now those ideas have returned after it was diagnosed as a concussion. So how can the Colts bring back a guy who keeps getting concussions? They want to help him stay healthy, just like they did with Peyton Manning by releasing him, not knowing what would happen after the Pro Bowler took a year off from a very severe neck injury.

It may sound harsh to cut him, but that may be the case. Bob Kravitz made a solid point in his latest column for the Indianapolis Star, saying the Colts should cut him just for his own sake.

They need to make a bold, brash statement, tell Collie and the NFL, “We will not be party to the possible long-term decline of a player we care deeply about. He may play in another team’s uniform; that’s ultimately his decision — hopefully his informed decision. But we know what repeated concussions can do to a person, and we will not stand idly by as this terrific young guy mortgages his long-term future in pursuit of short-term gains.”

However, it may be the right thing to do. Four concussions is too many. Sure, Collie can still play and get a few more concussions, but what will happen once he’s done playing? He will have a terrible life ahead of him! It’s a dangerous game.

It would be smart for the Colts to do the right thing and help Collie in the cause of saving his life.

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