NFL Rumors: Minnesota Vikings No Longer in Running to Play in London

With Tuesday’s announcement that the Jacksonville Jaguars will be playing 4 games in London, fans have to wonder if the Minnesota Vikings are still in the running to play overseas as well?

Before the team’s preseason game last Friday night, executive Lester Bagley commented on Minnesota’s interest in playing in London:

We’ve expressed an interest, and there’s a process the league is following. We’ll see how it shakes out.”

So obviously the Vikings are not the NFL‘s first choice, but does that rule out the possibility of them playing at least one game across the pond? Absolutely not.

From a business standpoint, the global exposure from an international game is great for teams, and the league. A team like Minnesota while not the smallest of markets, could stand a few more eyes on them. Exposure is never a bad thing when you’re in the money making business, which of course every NFL team is.

It seems inevitable that more and more teams from all the major American sports will play games overseas. It’s just the natural progression of things. Modern technology has shrunk the world as we know it, so expanding league territories is just the next step…

While I’m not opposed to the Vikings playing a home game away from home, I really just don’t care about expansion overseas. Frankly I’ve just never given a rip about any of the games played at Wembley Stadium so far. It’s just another game, and it always feels weird.

They play Futbol Americano where they normally play Futbol…yawn.

This is just one Red-blooded American‘s opinion, but I don’t want to see any of our major sports expand to the point where there are European divisions. I’m okay with a few games here and there, I get that, it’s good business, but I hope that’s extent of it.

As for the Vikings, the NFL still has yet to announce who will face the Jaguars in the upcoming 4 seasons.


Jacksonville Jaguars Playing In London Not A Sign Of Future Relocation

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