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Sign at Restaurant Owned by Jonathan Vilma Refuses Service to Roger Goodell

Just when you thought things couldn’t get worst between disgruntled New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma and commissioner Roger Goodell, a photo of this caliber goes viral on Twitter. Apparently there is a restaurant called Brother Jimmy’s BBQ in Miami, part owned by Vilma, that is refusing service to Goodell.

Goodell suspended Vilma for the entire 2012 season based on evidence of his role in the Saints’ bounty scandal. The worst news that broke from that story was Vilma allegedly offering $10,000 to any player that took Brett Favre out of the 2009 NFC Championship game against the Minnesota Vikings.

The NFL spent several months uncovering evidence and they determined Vilma was at the center of this bounty program run by then defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

Vilma has vehemently denied any involvement in such actions, and not only did he file an appeal for his suspension, but he has sued commissioner Goodell for “false statements,” accusing Goodell of slander and libel for public remarks made when he announced Vilma’s suspension.

“Commissioner Goodell opted to enter into the public arena rather than proceed appropriately and deliberately within the confines of the NFL process,” Vilma’s attorney, Peter Ginsberg said back in May when they filed the lawsuit. “In doing that, he made a series of horrific and false accusations about Jonathan. The commissioner, having wandered into the public arena, is now being asked to answer for the damage he’s done in making those erroneous accusations.”

Vilma and his attorney have asked for the evidence against him to be released, and so far the NFL has not complied. This could be a long, drawn out case that may never get resolved.

Hell, if it continues to have stuff like this story go viral, we’re all for it.


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