The Latest on Punter Adam Podlesh

By Chris Wickersham

So, far the Chicago Bears have not had ‘major’ injuries thus far this preseason. However, the Bears are concerned about the injury to punter Adam Podlesh. Podlesh injured his hip flexor Saturday against the Washington Redskins. Podlesh was trying to make a tackle on punt returner Brandon Banks. Of whom eventually returned the punt 91 yards.

Special teams coach Dave Toub talked about Podlesh’s injury and he said; “I’m very concerned”. Toub also went on to say, “it’s a bad injury for a punter to have a hip flexor, whether it’s the kicking leg or it’s the opposite leg, we’re concerned. He’s going to see a couple of specialists and we’ll figure out what we need to do. It’s a common injury for kickers. Sometimes they get it when they’re kicking and it’s on their kicking leg, and that’s even worse. We’re fortunate that it’s on his opposite leg. It’s more of a stabilizer for him.”

Podlesh will be missed if he does miss games due to the hip injury. He does not have to play in preseason as we know what he can do. Podesh is one of the better punters in the game and it showed last year. He doesn’t have the strongest leg, but he’s great at aiming the ball to where he wants the ball to land.

As you can figure, Podlesh will not play Friday’s game against the New York Giants and most likely the final preseason game too.

Undrafted free agent Ryan Quigley will handle the punting from now on. Unless the Bears sign Matt Dodge to a contract. He came in for a workout recently, but no offer has been made.

Podlesh is a major part of the special teams and yes a punter will be missed. I hope he comes back sooner than later, but we just don’t know.

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