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2012 Fantasy Football: New York Giants RB David Wilson is Rated Too High

In doing multiple mock drafts in both the Yahoo! and formats for the 2012 Fantasy Football season, I’ve come across something that’s bothered me for a while: David Wilson is rated too high.

The New York Giants selected Wilson in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. With Ahmad Bradshaw‘s history of injuries and Brandon Jacobs walking away in free agency, the Giants needed to address the position.

Enter Wilson, who is a faster version of Bradshaw. He’s a tough runner who is not afraid of contact but can explode to the outside and big up serious chunks of yards. It was Wilson, not the assumed Trent Richardson, who led the NCAA in yards after contact in 2011. Wilson can be a real asset for the Giants moving forward and a guy that could change games in the blink of an eye.

So you’re probably wondering what the hell I am thinking with the premise of this article. If Wilson is such a good product, then why do I have a problem with him being rated too high across all formats?

Well it is not only because of the competition he has with him in the backfield behind Bradshaw, but because of head coach Tom Coughlin.

The competition is not something to worry about all season long—Wilson is too good to sit behind D.J. Ware all year. But at least for the first few games, Wilson may lose carries to Ware, given that Ware is better on third downs and knows the offense better right now. Coughlin trusts veterans over rookies most of the time, so Ware could see more action than Wilson as the second running option for the first few games and all season as the passing down back.

But Coughlin could derail Wilson’s season real quick if Wilson does not take care of the fumbling issues he suffered through in college. One quick way to get in Coughlin’s doghouse is by putting the ball on the ground. The same could be said about mental mistakes. If Wilson runs a bad route or misses a blocking assignment, you could see him miss most of the rest of that game.

One thing that keeps him interesting and possibly a guy you want on your fantasy roster is that if Bradshaw gets hurt, Wilson has to be the first guy the Giants want to hand the ball off to. He may not be their first choice for pass blocking or catching passes, but he’ll move to the top of the depth chart if Bradshaw gets hurt.

If history is any indication, Bradshaw will miss at least a game or two this season.

So while Wilson is someone you probably want to own, I wouldn’t reach for him and count on him to give you points as Bradshaw’s backup.


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