Darren Sproles Likely To Play Week 1

By Krissy Brierre

New Orleans Saints running back Darren Sproles is eyeing week 1 of the NFL regular season to get back in the game. Due to the knee injury that Sproles suffered, coaches have decided to hold him out of playing time until regular season begins.

This is a super smart decision by the Saints because it really makes no sense to risk putting him out there and potentially re-injuring his knee.

It was during the Week 2 game against the New England Patriots that Sproles injured his knee and hasn’t been able to practice at full capacity since. He’s been limited to doing individual drills during practice.

The Saints regular season opening is against the Washington Redskins on September 9 and that should be Sproles primary focus right now.

During the off-season, Sproles spent a lot of time working out with, quarterback, Drew Brees in San Diego. So, I’m sure he thinks that will already give him a step up with the offense going into week 1.

While being injured is never a good thing, there is a glimmer of hope coming out of the Saints camp. They’ve still got running back Tavaris Cadet and wide receiver Joe Morgan to handle the returns. Sproles wasn’t doing that during preseason anyways, so it’s not like the team is suffering because of his absence there.

At this point, I think if Sproles wanted to play during the Saints game against the Houston Texans on Saturday, he could. I fully believe he’s doing the smart thing and healing fully for when the wins really count. Preseason is just a way to get the kinks out and is more geared towards coaches that need to make cuts.

Unless something crazy happens before week 1, you can count on seeing Sproles out there on the field in his Saints uniform. With all the madness going on with this team off the field, I’m sure all he wants to do is get out there and play. That way, this team can prove that they are still capable of winning despite the drama.

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