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NFL Preseason Preview: Week Three Tennessee Titans host Arizona Cardinals

Week three of preseason football is upon us and it happens to be my favorite match up. The Arizona Cardinals and Tennessee Titans both have something to prove this season.

The Titans have a slight edge over the Cardinals in total yards (335.1 verses 324.5) and passing yards (245.2 verses 222.9) per game so far this preseason. However, the Cardinals have rushed more yards with 101.6 verses 89.9.

It would be assumed now that Jake Locker is going to start again tonight against the Cardinals, considering that not only did he start last week, but earlier this week he was named the new starter for the team.

Kevin Kolb has had a couple rough outings this preseason. He has completed only five passes on 15 attempts for a total of 47 yards against the Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs and New Orleans Saints.

Larry Fitzgerald hasn’t had that impressive of a preseason either and he is one of the most impressive guys on the field today. He’s had only one reception in two games of preseason. The reception, against New Orleans, was only for 10 yards while he went for 17 against Kansas City.

Locker, on the other hand, has gone for a total of 101 yards between games against the Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He has completed 11-of-24 passes. It seems that Chris Johnson is really giving it to his critics as he looks like his old self again, not the player who had a sluggish 2011 season.

Many people say that the preseason games do not count towards the end of the year record. Of course  not, but they mean everything to the team to get all the fundamentals of the game down before the regular season starts and the wins and loses really do count.

My prediction?… Tennessee 27-Arizona 20