NFL Rumors: Kansas City Chiefs TE Kevin Boss To See Expanded Role

By DanFlaherty

A lot of skill position players have been getting attention in the Kansas City Chiefs’ training camp this August. Whether it’s quarterback Matt Cassell running the offense of new coordinator Brian Daboll, or the return from injury by running back Jamaal Charles and tight end Tony Moeaki, to the self-induced contract drama of wide receiver Dwayne Bowe, the Chiefs’ key offensive players have been in the news. No one’s talked much about tight end Kevin Boss. But according to reports surfacing from St. Joseph’s, MO where the team is training, that might change.

The word on the street , so to speak, is that Boss has developed a great rapport with Cassell and the team is finding inspiration in how the New England Patriots have successfully used two tight ends as a key part of the offense, with Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. It’s certainly good for Kansas City that Boss is integrating smoothly into the lineup, but frankly, if his name is called too much this fall it means something went wrong elsewhere.

Cassell’s first priority in the passing game has to be stretching the field with Bowe and Jon Baldwin, and then using Moeaki underneath. We haven’t even touched on the key role that would have to be played by third receiver Steve Breaston on a successful Chiefs’ offense. Finally we come to the clinching point which is that the pass itself can’t even be Kansas City’s bread-n-butter. Charles and fellow running back Peyton Hillis need to be getting the football a lot, so I’m not sure where Boss fits into all this—unless something goes wrong, in which case Boss would have a good year on a subpar NFL team.

The reason the analogy to the Patriots does not suffice is that Kansas City can and must run the ball, while New England uses short passes as a de facto rushing offense. Boss is a good blocker and can still be an important role on a successful Kansas City team—but if that role involves too much stuff that gets him noticed it won’t be a good sign.

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