NFL Rumors: Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Tackle Mike Patterson to Miss Season Opener

By Carl Conrad

The Philadelphia Eagles have had some issues with minor injuries on their defensive line. One of the more dismal issues surrounds defensive tackle Mike Patterson. Patterson suffered a seizure during last season’s training camp and doctors subsequently diagnosed him with an arteriovenous malformation (AVM). He was treated with medication and actually played 15 games last year before undergoing brain surgery in the offseason.

Patterson has been ruled out of the season opener against the Cleveland Browns on Sept. 9because his doctor does not feel as if the area that underwent surgery has healed sufficiently to allow him to take the field.  Speculation is starting to swirl as to whether Patterson will ever be medically cleared to play again. It would be completely understandable if he has played his last game, especially with the emphasis the league has been placing on traumatic brain issues. It will also be interesting to see whether or not any doctor will clear a player who has undergone brain surgery that has not healed entirely as expected to play a game as violent as football.

From a football standpoint, the Eagles are lucky to have some depth on the defensive line, so they shouldn’t see too big of a drop off in Patterson’s absence. The group was one of the most talented in the NFL last year and they have added some rookie talent that should wreak havoc on opposing defenses.

In his career, Patterson has played in 110 games for the Eagles and has amassed 332 tackles, 15.5 sacks and has four forced fumbles.

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