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Washington Redskins’ Clinton Portis Retires: Legacy Well Earned

Former Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis is an example of realizing that when your body says no, it means it.

So many times you see players trying to make fantastic returns (cue Brett Favre memories now) and you wonder if they’ve done more damage to themselves, their careers and legacies. All good things come to an end, whether by our own doing or by the environment. Either way, a certain level of acceptance and content is needed so that it sticks, ensuring the next phase of life can begin. The person affected has to understand it and, more importantly, accept it.

Portis accepts that his future in football is done, and is now ready to move on.

In a retirement that features a man displaced from the game due to injuries, Portis will go down as a Redskins great. It was a torn groin muscle that ended the journey that started back in 2008 with the Redskins.

I always enjoyed Portis. He kept things very lively. His character wouldn’t have it any other way.

But whatever you thought of him off the field, he made up for it on the field.

Portis will end his career with 9, 923 rushing yards and 247 receptions for 2,018 yards. He had 80 touchdowns total.

Here’s an excerpt of his thank you note to the Redskins nation, courtesy of the Washington Post:


“…I entered this city wide-eyed and excited. I was a 22-year old kid who didn’t know the storied history or the timeless legacy that is The Redskin Nation. What I did know was that I was called upon to deliver more than just touchdowns. I was brought here to work alongside a great group of teammates to uplift the spirits of an organization, a community, and the best fans in the world…”


Here’s to you, Portis. I often wished it had ended differently, but you’ll go out on top as a Redskins great whose name will forever be linked to a historic team.

Immortality will be your trophy.