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Dallas Cowboys Like Cole Beasley For Slot Receiver

Just as I mentioned yesterday that the Dallas Cowboys needed someone to step up and emerge as the third receiver, it appears as though Cole Beasley might be in the lead. Perhaps not as the Cowboys third receiver, but certainly as a viable slot option.

It makes sense given that Miles Austin is not yet fully ready to go with a hamstring issue and the Cowboys need someone to play the slot where Austin usually works. They need a receiver who is agile enough to make a corner miss his jam and then make him pay with a big play down the field, which is something Beasley is doing. He had seven catches for 104 yards against the San Diego Chargers last week and the Cowboys coaching staff does like what they see from him.

Beasley does have things to work on, especially his strength at the line of scrimmage but the Cowboys may have found a solid contributor and a possible fill in for Austin in case of injury. Beasley’s size also brings questions about being able to handle a full NFL season but first things first, making the team. Beasley appears on the verge of doing just that, and becoming a viable option in the slot.

This is the kind of impression Beasley wants to leave with the Cowboys and their fans, not the one of a quitter. Beasley has fought back after a disappointing leave of absence early in training camp. Dallas held his spot for a few days when he left, that should tell us what they think of him. And it looks as though they think he’s a weapon in the slot.

Does it solve the third receiver problem? Not right now but there is value in having depth at as many positions as you can. Cole Beasley appears as though he’s more than just depth, he’s valuable, which is pretty good from an undrafted free agent who plays a position the Cowboys need help at.