Interesting Storylines Loom As Kansas City Chiefs Host Seattle Seahawks

By DanFlaherty

The Kansas City Chiefs take the field against the Seattle Seahawks tonight for Week 3 of the NFL preseason and in spite of playing at home, the Chiefs are a three-point underdog coming in, a fairly significant lack of respect from linesmakers who are usually much more conservative with their numbers.  There’s similar aggressiveness on the total from Las Vegas, posted at 40.5 (the betting line for the number of total points by both teams). That might not sound like a high number, but when you consider preseason totals hover in the mid-30s, clearly the house is staking out a position on Seattle winning a fairly open game.

Kansas City will return wide receiver Dwayne Bowe to action in this game and it’s probably not reasonable to expect all that much, or even for the Chiefs to try a lot. The smart move would be to get Bowe acclimated to game action and get him out.

The biggest person of interest for tonight in Arrowhead isn’t a Chief at all. It’s Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson, the third stringer who has outplayed the more publicized free agent, Matt Flynn and now Wilson gets the nod to start the game generally considered to be “dress rehearsal” time in preparation for the regular season. The two QBs weren’t far from each other last year—Wilson as a senior at the University of Wisconsin and Flynn as a backup with the Green Bay Packers, so it’s no surprise someone from cheesehead country is in position to win the job, but that it’s Wilson is definitely a headline grabber.

For the Chiefs, it’s important the secondary play a good game tonight against the rookie quarterback. With Brandon Flowers still out and no reason to rush him, this is an opportunity for Jalil Brown and Javier Arenas to show they can be consistent. They’ll also have to be disciplined, as Wilson as a good runner who can throw deep on the move, so the corners better be sure he’s committed to the scramble before they come up in support.

As preseason games go, there’s some interesting storylines surrounding this one tonight at Arrowhead.

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