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Miami Dolphins Player Profile: Richie Incognito

Richie Incognito is a veteran offensive lineman who is entering his 3rd season as the Miami Dolphins starting left guard. He has played in 78 NFL games, all starts (31 with the ‘Phins). He has earned a reputation as a hard-nosed player (to be nice about it…the term his opponents use is “dirty”). The right side of the 2012 Miami offensive lijne is in flux, but Incognito helps bring veteran stability to the left side (rookie QB Ryan Tannehill‘s blind side).

Incognito was a stud for the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers. He was a starter, and played multiple positions on the offensive line. He was a pancake machine. It was in college where we had our first glimpse of Incognito’s temper/issues, but his skill level was on display too. He was dominating at the NFL combine, but was injured during one of the drills. The St Louis Rams were impressed enough to draft him in the 3rd round of the 2005 NFL draft.

The Dolphins tried to land Incognito in 2009, but the Buffalo Bills won the waiver claim to him. He started 3 games for Buffalo, and then signed with the Dolphins. Incognito will be between the outstanding right tackle Jake Long (Jake Long Player Profile is HERE) and center Mike Pouncey (Mike Pouncey Player Profile right HERE). On a team with question marks throughout the roster, Incognito provides veteran play and an attitude/spark. He is ready to back up a teammate 24/7.

Incognito is a crafty veteran who has a good football IQ. He plays with great physicality. His technique is not great, but he is a mauler. He is a guy that wants to be aggressive and take people to the ground. At 6’3″ 325 he has a strong base which he uses well. It is rare for Incognito to get pushed backwards. He uses his body well in pass-protection scenarios, and is also an asset against blitzers. Incognito is very aggressive with his run-blocking. He is a lineman that has the skills to move people backwards/out of the way.

Incognito does need to put in legit time with offensive line coach Jim Turner to get better at reading a play pre-snap. He can read the play incorrectly, lunge (to the wrong spot) and get caught in a bad position. This lands him on the ground and out of a play too often. This allows defenders/blitzers to get after the QB with a head of steam. His technique when he gets to the second-level and wants to block a linebacker/safety needs to improve. The 2012 Dolphins will have home run hitters like Reggie Bush and Lamar Miller getting carries. If Incognito can improve his second-level blocking it could lead to big plays for Miami.

Incognito has a rep as a hot-head bully. He is somewhat out there, but…A) you have to be to succeed at that position in the NFL…B) he has a good brain too. He (and a few other NFL players) recently attended a program for entrepreneurs at Harvard. He is planning on doing similar programs at Stanford. He has a business now, and is preparing (properly) for like after the NFL.

The 2012 Miami Dolphins will have question marks. Richie Incognito is unlikely to be one of them.

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