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New York Giants Have Pressing Questions in the Secondary

The New York Giants have a few decisions to make coming up as they prepare to pare down their roster from 90 to 75 by Monday and then down to 53 on Friday.  However, the real dilemma for the Giants is going to be deciding what to do about all of their injured cornerbacks.  Right now Terrell Thomas, Jayron Hosley, and now Prince Amukamara are all questionable for the Week 1 season opener against the Dallas Cowboys on September 5th.

Amukamara suffered a high ankle sprain while making a tackle on Brandon Marshall in Friday’s game against the Chicago Bears.  Hosley was sidelined after getting turf toe against the New York Jets, Thomas reinjured his ACL in training camp and is rehabbing his knee instead of undergoing surgery.  Three of the Giants top four cornerbacks are now on the sidelines.

Hosley has the best chance of returning in time for the Week 1 matchup against the Cowboys.  However, turf toe, which is a spraining of the ligaments in the toe, can be a lingering injury and the only treatment is rest.

The question is, can the Giants afford to basically carry a 50-man roster while they hope their cornerbacks can make it back on the field in a timely manner?  Unless they want to end Terrell Thomas’ season by placing him on injured reserve they might not have a choice.  If they tried placing any of those three on waivers they would lose them and the NFL doesn’t offer a short-term injured list, yet.

Bruce Johnson, Michael Coe, and Justin Tryon will now be fighting for a shot to possibly line up opposite Corey Webster come September 5th.  That trio was trying to just make the team at the start of training camp and now one of them might be starting while another takes over the nickel spot.  Welcome to the volatile world of the NFL.

If Jerry Reese and Tom Coughlin decide that carrying all of Johnson, Tryon, and Coe is necessary, at least for the time being then the Giants will basically be carrying six cornerbacks for three spots.  That means the cuts will have to come elsewhere.  The only question is where?

Another option would be for the Giants to keep one or two of the trio of Johnson, Tryon, and Coe and move Antrel Rolle over to corner for the first couple of games.  Rolle played a few games at corner last season, albeit from the slot.  There is no reason to think he couldn’t do it again if needed.  Then again, he publicly stated he preferred playing safety and said he was looking forward to getting back to his primary position.  That plan might be delayed for a game or two.