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NFL Rumors: Chad Johnson Paid Girlfriend’s Rent While Engaged

The news is not getting any better for free agent wide receiver Chad Johnson. First he gets arrested for domestic violence against his wife Evelyn Lozada, who then files for divorce after 41 days of marriage, now comes a report from that says Johnson was cheating on Lozada when they were engaged.

Not just cheating but actually paying the rent of the other woman, Amber Priddy, who by the way, is a stripper. Johnson was reportedly paying the $2000 rent for Priddy and yes, it does get worse; supposedly he was flying her into Miami to meet up from time to time. All of this was happening while he was engaged.

My question is how does Johnson have time for all of this? Most men have trouble dealing with just one girl but two seems a little much, especially as a professional athlete.

This might also explain the hostility for the condom receipt Lozada found that caused the fight which led to their divorce. And a canceled VH-1 show.

Clearly things are not going well for Johnson right now. Perhaps he should change his name again?