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NFL Rumors: Will Washington Redskins’ Tim Hightower Outshine RG3?

Washington Redskins Running Back Tim Hightower has more than enough reasons to be a rock star Saturday against the Indianapolis Colts.

Everyone will be watching Redskins QB Robert Griffin III and Colts QB Andrew Luck, but let’s not forget the man who has yet to have any playing time thus far.

He’s come a long way from ACL surgery. Gosh, let me just say it: It’s been months.  He’s had to watch people do the job he feels he should be doing.

In  Hightower’s mind right now, there is no conversation on who should be the starting running back for the Redskins: That’s his job.

As of today, according to the Washington Post, he’s not going to start, but will play.This means there’s still one man in his way: Alfred Morris. Morris has been working hard since the beginning of the preseason as the understudy. He’ll get another look Saturday.

With Evan Royster (knee) and Roy Helu (Achilles) out of the game Saturday, Morris is sure to see a lot of playing time.  However, I think that will be cut short due to the hunger of  Hightower.

He wants this. I’m sure he’ll be treated like Brandon Banks was when he said he wanted to be a wide receiver.

You want it? Here’s the ball. Here it is again, and again, and again.

Hightower needs that, so that’s not a bad thing. While everyone is focused on the quarterbacks, be advised that Hightower needs a game of this caliber to show that he still has it.

Out of the couple of games played thus far, if he’s going to rule the night, this is the game to show what he’s got. Everyone’s going to be watching.

And if you don’t think he won’t play his heart out, look at the featured pic: That was October 23, 2011. The location: Charlotte, N.C, where Hightower (25) injured his knee during the game against the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium.  The Panthers beat the Redskins 33-20.  He’s had to look at pictures like those for a long time. I think he’s ready to play.


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