Oakland Raiders Need New QB; Can’t Win Super Bowl With Carson Palmer

The Oakland Raiders may be a .500 team on paper, but they’re not on the field. The late Al Davis left the team in shambles when he passed away last year with injury-prone running back Darren McFadden being the only bright spot within the organization. The Raiders made a horrendous decision to trade for retired quarterback Carson Palmer last season thinking it was a step in the right direction, but it wasn’t.

Of course, some of the die-hard silver and black fans will argue that point, but they’re wrong. Palmer had one good year in 2005 and has been on a major downhill slide ever since. His 80.5 passer rating was a lowly 19th in the NFL last season and his 13:16 touchdown-to-intercpetion ratio was even worse.

Palmer is a fill-in for the Raiders, who need to think strongly about trading up for the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft to take USC Trojans quarterback Matt Barkley. They desperately need a franchise QB that’s more than a fill-in and the Raiders think for one minute that Terrelle Pryor is the future of the franchise, they’re worse off than they were in Davis’ last few years.

Oakland hasn’t had a franchise QB since Rich Gannon, who took the team to it’s last Super Bowl appearance a decade ago. Of course, he had Tim Brown and Jerry Rice out wide, but he was certainly a better passer than anyone on the current Raiders roster. That needs to change and change now. If the Raiders are able to turn things around, then maybe other teams with tyrannical owners, like the Dallas Cowboys, have hope once those elderly men pass away.

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