The Dallas Cowboys Should Avoid Santonio Holmes

By Jesus Flores

A little bird told me a rumor today.  It was something along the lines of New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes wanting to be traded and yes, that little bird is Twitter.

Before I knew it my timeline erupted with questions and comments about the Dallas Cowboys trading for the disgruntled receiver.  The Cowboys are short a couple of play-makers at wide receiver right now and are searching for a third receiver or at least that’s what we’re led to believe.

Holmes is a legitimate No.1/No.2 receiver and has been one of, if not, the only weapon in the Jets mediocre passing game.  He brings with him a ton of experience, certainly more than Dez Bryant and Miles Austin, but he also brings a lot of baggage, which the Cowboys don’t need.

Holmes has a troubled past, which includes a lawsuit in Florida for allegedly throwing a glass at a woman, which cut her above the eye, marijuana possession charges in 2008, a domestic violence charge in 2006 and an incident where he’s accused of telling a fan to “kill urself” via Twitter, which he later denied and said his account had been “hacked.”

Allegedly, he’s also responsible for dividing the Jets locker room and even had a public fallout with quarterback Mark Sanchez as the Jets struggled to win games last season.

Adding Holmes may seem like a good idea on paper, but his disruptive attitude is not what the Cowboys need considering Bryant is trying to clean up his act.

It was reported Thursday night that Bryant sought the mentorship of former Cowboys great, Jay Novacek.  Bryant appears to finally be on the right track and after a strong training camp is also headed for stardom.  Should the Cowboys bring Holmes in right now, it could disrupt that process.  I don’t think the Cowboys should contemplate bringing Holmes in, who I see as nothing more than a cancer in the locker room, a ticking time bomb if you will.

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