The Baltimore Ravens: Adding Another Way To Attack, or Changing Completely?

By Connor Harrison

Yes, the Baltimore Ravens have some fine tuning to do if they want what it takes to not only get to the Super Bowl, but to win it. Although with the way they played against the Jacksonville Jaguars last night, they may not have much tuning to do.

Joe Flacco was on point passing for 266 yards, but he did happen to make a few mistakes along the way and that’s not a surprise since we rarely see a perfect quarterback. When Flacco is playing at his best, and the receivers are catching the ball, the Ravens are a force to be reckoned with.

When passing, Flacco did seem to pick favorites, hitting Torrey Smith eight times for 103 yards. Well, maybe he did spread the ball around a little bit more than I realized at first because while he was under center nine different wide receivers caught a pass.

The thing is, the team needs to have other receivers step up just like Smith did, if more of them can do that then Baltimore is definitely going to make a run for the Super Bowl Championship.

Most of the running was split between Bernard Pierce, who had 10 carries and Damien Berry with seven. Baltimore’s other player that rushed for at least 10 yards? Tyrod Taylor, that’s right, the backup quarterback. He gained 24 yards on four attempts and took a stroll to the end zone as well.

A stat that really stood out in my opinion was the number of first downs for each team. The Jaguars had a total of 16 first downs, while the Ravens racked up 32 first downs. Of those 32 first downs, 23 of them were through the air.

When most people think of the Ravens they think of the hard-hitting defense and a run oriented offense, but things can change. There were signs of it last year, and this preseason is just starting to confirm my suspicions. Their offense is starting to flap their wings and trying to fly.

What if it’s just adding another way to attack their opponents? Instead of the opposing defense keying in on Ray Rice, they have to worry about not only Rice, but to all the wide receivers as well. This could spell trouble for any team that’s on the Raven’s schedule.

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