NFL Chicago Bears

Three Reasons To Be Worried About The Chicago Bears

So I am sitting here late in the second half and I can’t help but think the Chicago Bears are leaving much to be desired against the New York Giants. While I am seeing some solid play in regards to moving the ball along with some actual secondary play, I am still concerned about two key areas of the team along with one area I didn’t previously consider a problem:

Left Tackle Position:

This is going to be a problem the entire season. When you have J’Marcus Webb battling out Chris Williams for the most coveted spot on a  football team, no one wins. These two guys are the laughing stock of the NFL. I swear any Tom, Dick or Harry could put the pressure on Jay Cutler when either of these two are in the game. Now a lot of people are all up in Phil Emery’s face giving him crap for not addressing the offensive line but what Emery did was address the Bears most earnest need in the wide receiver position by signing Brandon Marshall and drafting Alshon Jeffery. Now, the offense will only go as far as the line will take them, and while I am worried, I think this line can get us into the playoffs.

The Running Game:

It’s the prseason. It’s vanilla play calling. I guess I really don’t expect too much out of the running game. In this day and age, you need to use the pass to set up the run. Unfortunately, it seemed like both segments were both out of sync for the Bears. While there were plays here and there, it was hard to sustain a drive except for the Marshall touchdown (sexy) on Friday night. Of course, a lot of the blame can easily fall on the offensive line but you still need the running backs to make a play here and there. The Bears can be a serious threat if they can perfect the big play.

Defensive Run Game:

These guys brought the pain against the Washington Redskins last week. I swear I was at the game cursing up a storm cheering on Julius Peppers absolutely destroying Robert Griffin III. However, this weekend it seemed like the line wasn’t able to bring the pressure like they should. In order for the Cover 2 to truly work, pressure on the QB is essential. Luckily, the starting secondary stepped up tonight and took care of business while Eli Manning threw like a Maine South sophomore quarterback. However, and I didn’t see this coming, the Bears got destroyed by rookie running back David Wilson who broke tackles that would make Barry Sanders blush. I saw Craig Steltz smoke some a few running backs tonight and let me tell you, this guy excites me. He has for a few years. If Chris Conte is out long term, I will be pretty comfortable with this kid sitting in the secondary. However, it seems apparent that this defense really struggles with Nick Roach in the middle. Fingers crossed that Brian Urlacher is coming back sooner rather than later.

Look, I get it. It’s still the preseason and you really can’t take away a ton from this game. However, this is the dress rehearsal to see who is ready for the big show. To be honest, I was less than impressed with what I saw. That being said, pretty sure Mike Tice will make sure this team is ready to go against Andrew Luck and the Colts on September 9th.