It's Sam Bradford Against The Baltimore Ravens

By Connor Harrison

The Baltimore Ravens have an upcoming game this Thursday against the St. Louis Rams, on the Ram’s home turf. The Rams are 1-1 this preseason so far, having a game tonight at the Dallas Cowboy’s stadium.

Overall, St. Louis isn’t a team that’s a shoe-in for the playoffs, if they want to make it there, they really have to step their game up. As it stands right now they’re ranked 24th in the NFL when it comes to scoring. They only average 17 points per game while the Ravens are third overall in scoring, averaging over 30 points in each game.

Surprisingly, Sam Bradford isn’t doing too bad, considering he has a quarterback rating of 136.1, which is a good bit better than Joe Flacco’s rating. The thing is, it’s not just one player who makes up a team, the Rams can’t be a winning team if only Bradford is trying.

In total offensive yards, the Rams come in against the Cowboys with 563 yards and Dallas has 568 offensive yards, that’s not much different. The Raven’s have played one more game than the Cowboys and Rams, but they still have over 500 more yards of offense than either of those two teams.

If Baltimore can’t pull out a big win in this upcoming game, it’ll probably be a fluke. The Raven’s are just a better team. Point blank. There’s not much to it. The Ravens should win this game by double digits giving them extra momentum headed into the regular season opener against the Cincinnati Bengals.

With an offense as potent as Baltimore’s and a defense as weak as the Ram’s is, the game may not only be won by double digits, but it could turn pretty ugly. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Ravens should be the number one team in the NFL, at least momentum wise. If not, I want to see the team that’s “better” than Baltimore, play Baltimore. Especially at home where the Ravens have their crowd as another factor.

Sure, it’s the preseason and the stadium doesn’t fill up, but come regular season that stadium can get rocking. After this match however, the Ravens won’t being seeing St. Louis again, not anytime soon at least.

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