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NFL Rumors: Could Alfred Morris be Redskins’ Week 1 Starter?

The Washington Redskins’ rookie running back, Alfred Morris, went off Saturday night against the Indianapolis Colts. With Roy Helu Jr. suffering leg injuries and Tim Hightower making his come back from a season ending injury in ’11, the backfield is not in full health leaving an opportunity for Morris.

Alfred Morris had 107 yards on 14 carries averaging 7.6 yards with a touchdown. The guy doesn’t go down on first contact and it’s impossible to arm tackle him. Morris understands the one cut system, having played it in college, and he’s a decent blocker. Mike Shanahan has been impressed, and when asked if Morris could start week 1 – he grinned saying “I’ve said this from day one: we have a very competitive football team and we’re going to play the best players. He had a heck of a game today and played well, so we’ll wait and see. No. 1, we’re going to see who’s healthy. We have a few guys banged up. He may be the lonely soldier at the end. We might only have one with the way things have been going, but he did play well.”

Shanahan didn’t blatantly say Morris will start week 1 – but what he did confirm is, Morris will be on the 53 man roster and will have a chance to contribute early. “When you only have one guy that’s really healthy, it’s really hard to say a guy’s really taking advantage or taking control, said Shanahan.” “We’ve got some guys pretty beat up and we haven’t had a chance to really get a lot of reps. Alfred has taken advantage of his reps and he looked good today.”

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