NFL Rumors: Pittsburgh Steelers Rookie David DeCastro Suffers Serious Knee Injury

The Pittsburgh Steelers have high hopes for rookie guard David DeCastro, but tonight while trying to pass protect on a third and long,  would be bowled over by Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Marcel Dareus and his knee would twist underneath him.

The announcement was made in-game that he would not return and the injury looked bad.  DeCastro was a first round pick for the Steelers in the 2012 NFL Draft and was looking to be the next great Steelers interior lineman.

After DeCastro took the hit and folded he stayed on the turn for a few minutes while staff and trainers checked him out.  It looked like they weren’t too concerned initially and were going to let him try and get himself off the field, but it only took a few hops for him to realize he could not put weight on it, and went back to the turf.  At this point the Steelers called for a cart to get him off the field.

This hasn’t been confirmed but it is rumored that DeCastro’s injury is significant and the Steelers want to get him checked as soon as possible, to be sure he isn’t lost for the season.

My take.  This team can’t take many more injuries.  The offensive line has been beat up this preseason, and on the other side the defensive line has as well, with defensive end Brett Keisel being injured tonight as well.  If DeCastro has to miss an extended amount of time, or God forbid the season, a position of strength for the Steelers might end up in deep trouble.

If he’d been able to get himself off the field, this wouldn’t have been such an issue but it was clear he could not bare weight on the leg and was in significant pain.  If it’s true that the injury is serious, I would expect him to move forward with surgery so he can begin recovery as soon as possible.  We’ll keep you updated.

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