NFL Rumors: Is S Tanard Jackson Moving Up Redskins' Depth Chart?

By Emmanual Benton

The Washington Redskins revamped both safety positions this off-season, releasing Laron Landry and OJ Atogwe. In free agency, the team added – Brandon Merriweather, Madieu Williams, and Tanard Jackson.

Merriweather and Williams have been the two primary starters throughout camp, mostly due to Jackson not being able to practice fully. With Jackson now healthy, the competition has heated up and Jackson seems to be taking advantage of his opportunities.

Last week against the Chicago Bears, Merriweather suffered an injury that will keep him out for the remainder of the pre-season, giving Jackson a chance to start opposite of Madieu Williams.

Tonight against the Indianapolis Colts, Jackson would fly around making exceptionally sound–and yet hard–hits in breaking up a few passing plays in coverage. He reminded me somewhat of the way Landry played for Washington, expect much more controlled.

The Redskins move their safeties around a lot – not really having a “strong and free” safety. There’s no doubt that Tanard is a better football player than Madieu Williams, the question is know – has Tanard out played Madieu?

Williams’ coverage has not been great so far this pre-season and it seems not only possible – but likely that Jackson will trump Williams on the depth chart. That’s the ideal scenario and it’s what the coaching staff hoped to see from Tanard after picking him up off waivers this off-season.

Raheem Morris – former head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers gave him a ringing endorsement after the team released him prior to camp. He’s seized his opportunity so far and as long as he’s consistent, he’ll likely start opposite of Brandon Merriweather week 1.

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