Washington Redskins Beat Indianapolis Colts 30-17: Observations

By Ricky Allen

The Washington Redskins owned the Indianapolis Colts in their 30-17 win tonight at FedEx Field. Here are some observations:

  • My tweet got mentioned on CSN Washington…always cool:

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  • Newly retired Redskins RB Clinton Portis was on hand, and retirement looked good on him.
  • Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III on the blitz : Looked good. I needed to see that. You know, making something out of nothing. In RG3’s debut at FedEx Field, he was 11/17, 74 yards, 1 TD.
  • Pierre Garçon was the instant target in the first half, but couldn’t bring down the deep balls.
  • RG3 was hyping up the players prior to game time. Looked more hyped than nervous (This was his debut game at FedEx Field)
  • RG3 is nice with faking the ball. I lost track of it a couple of times.
  • Alfred Morris looked great.  He had 14 carries for 107 yards.
  • RG3 really needs to slow that ball down, even though his receivers (Leonard Hankerson, for example) also need to complete their routes.
  • Redskins RB Tim Hightower exploded back onto the scene in the Second Quarter and nearly scored.  He looked good with no signs of weakness. I hope he’s doing well.
  •  I think Brandon Banks may get cut. He went from his number being called all day for the first two weeks to nearly invisible tonight.
  • Joe Theismann said there should be some interlude music during the review of plays, which I thought was funny. He was enjoying some Papa Johns pizza and talked about it enough to make me hungry. Gotta love brand marketing.
  • Backup QB Rex Grossman took over in the third quarter and got booed. Wow, but he was 100 percent in passing for 127 yards (8/8). Then everyone cheers.  Highlight of the night.
  • The Colts really played conservative tonight. Maybe it’s just me.

End Thoughts: Really, Alfred Morris and the Redskins Defense stole the show tonight.  RG3 did great, but  Morris was a beast and the Defense was spot on.

Surprise Of The Night: Rex Grossman: I’m not sure who that guy out there was, but I hope he keeps this up next week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If he keeps this up he may get that No.2 backup job.  Only time will tell.


Ricky Allen is a Washington Redskins Blogger with Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @UltimateRedskin

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