Washington Redskins’ Rex Grossman: Perfect, Fans: Stunned

Washington Redskins Backup QB Rex Grossman didn’t just wow fans in their 30-17 win against the Indianapolis Colts Saturday, he owned them.

Grossman came out onto the field late in the second half and was welcomed to a stadium full of boos.  These were Redskins fans, and it didn’t matter. I’m not going to sit here and act like I’m a saint.  I, like many of you have had our say about Rex Grossman and the 2011 season.

I’m sure he’s heard it all too. His response was quiet, calculating, and deadly accurate. Grossman was 8 for 8, 127 yards, with two touchdowns.

He didn’t throw any interceptions.

And just like that he went back to the sideline, undid his chinstrap, and waited for the game to come to an end.

As for the crowd? Well, they cheered.  It was a reminder of how people are for you when things are going well, and how they’re ready to fire you when the chips are down.

This post was not written to discuss that opinion, but to give credit where it’s due: Rex Grossman. Like it or not, he had a perfect game tonight, and the man needs to be recognized for it.

I’m not a Rex Grossman fan, but he is still a Redskin, and his performance tonight helped in well-played victory. However, it also raised many questions: What if he had this team last year? What if he simply had this O-Line last year? (by the way it’s still under construction if you ask me…) Would we’ve seen this type of play?

Probably not.

Rex Grossman is a QB that requires a lot of time beyond what many NFL quarterbacks should need. His decision-making skills seemed erratic at times and let’s face it: He’s slow.  Putting all that aside tonight,  Grossman made his case to be in the conversation for who should be the  backup to Robert Griffin III.  

What I think Grossman did tonight was fight for the right to exist.  He doesn’t want to be pushed to the side.

He  made every fan  sit there like bad kids at mom’s table, and eat the peas.

They say an empty wagon always rattles the loudest.  Grossman’s wagon rattled very loud at first, but then it got full of fans, and we all  witnessed the biggest bandwagon jumping in the history of bandwagon jumping.

And this is why you don’t boo your own, only the opposition.


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  • John

    You are assuming the fans were booing Grossman and not booing the fact that RG3 wasn’t still in the game. That is why the fans came to see after all

  • Jimbo

    Yep. Rex had a good game against the second and third string from a team that finished 2-14 last year. That must mean we can go to the Super Bowl with Rex at QB if RGIII gets hurt – just like last year.

    • Belly Kilmer

      Silly me. and here I thought those were professional NFL defenders out there. It must have just been those all-pro linemen and receivers surrounding Rex when he was on the field tonight (and last year.)

      • Joel Frazier

        Amen. Finally some perspective. Grossman can win as long as he doean’t try and resort to Superman mode.

  • Belly Kilmer

    “And this is why you don’t boo your own.”

  • Jamey

    They were booing because rg3 was done for the evening, not really booing Rex. That was my thought from the beginning