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“Dez Bryant Rules” are Perfect Plan for Dallas Cowboys

Since joining the Dallas Cowboys in 2010, receiver Dez Bryant has mentally acted like a child off the field, getting into all kinds of legal trouble. Until now, nothing has been done about it, which is primarily why Bryant has continued his unacceptable off-field behavior. Over the weekend, Bryant agreed to his own set of conduct rules derived by the Cowboys. They include the following:

  • No alcohol consumption
  • No visiting strip clubs
  • No visiting night clubs unless first approved by the team
  • Midnight curfew
  • Bi-weekly  counseling sessions
  • Security guard will drive Bryant to all practices, games and other team activities
  • Must be accompanied by a security guard (part of a 3-man rotating team) at all times

Look at that last stipulation one more time. Bryant must have someone with him at all times. A small child must have someone supervise them at all times. A grown man should know how to act while away from his place of employment, but Bryant doesn’t, so he’s being treated like a child.

On the bright side, Cowboys fans should be thrilled the team has finally given Bryant some sort of ultimatum; he must comply with these new rules to “remain a player on the team” as the rules state. Maybe now he’ll act right, if for no other reason than someone is with him all the time ensuring it.

If he doesn’t, he’ll be entered into a class with the likes of former Cowboys corner Adam “Pacman” Jones, who was accompanied at all times by a team-issued body guard, but ended up fighting with the guard and was then suspended by the NFL.

Since his reinstatement, he hasn’t been in any trouble, even now as a member of the Cincinnati Bengals. Maybe it will take a similar suspension for Bryant to clean up his act. Hopefully the body guard and the fact the team even has to make a separate set of rules for him will encourage Bryant to straighten up.

Bryant has also accepted former Cowboys tight end Jay Novacek as his personal mentor, who sat and talked with Bryant on the sidelines during Dallas’ 20-19 preseason win over the St. Louis Rams on Saturday night. Bryant missed the game with patellar tendonitis in his right knee.

Bryant’s talent alone has him primed for a breakout season if he can stay healthy. Maybe these new rules and Novacek’s guidance will finally get him on the right track and make him an actual asset for the Cowboys.

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