Madden 13: 5 Player Ratings That Make me Scratch My Head

By Jeff Shull

In two days, the phenomenon that is Madden from EA Sports will be released and the world will see a decrease in productivity from males ages 10-27. Madden is one of the most popular games ever and will continue to be as long as they continue to produce a great product and you can play other users online.

However,  every year the makers of Madden botch player ratings and it has fans scratching their head. This year is no different. Here are five player ratings from Madden 13 that should be re-evaluated when EA Sports comes out with their first update.


Michael Vick – 89 rating (too low)

I’m not sure how Michael Vick does not warrant a 90 or above rating. The only thing I could think of is if Madden drastically affected his rating by giving him a poor injury rating. He is the fastest QB in the NFL, has a monster arm and has improved his pocket presence drastically since joining the Philadelphia Eagles. Cam Newton, Matt Ryan and Matt Schaub all have the same rating as Vick, despite Vick not only being better in real life, but much better in the game.


Andrew Luck – 84 (too high)

It is not so much I have a problem with his rating per se, but the guys who are rated lower than Luck have me questioning the decision. Luck is a good young quarterback, sure, but is he really better than Carson Palmer, Andy Dalton, Alex Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick? Who is to say, really, but I would err on the side of no at first rather than the route Madden has obviously taken.


Arian Foster – 96 (too low)

I know, I know. How can I complain about a guy being rated 96? Well considering there isn’t much Foster can’t do on a football field, I feel like he should be at least a 98 probably a perfect 99. He is deceptively fast, has some of the best juke moves in the game, possesses incredible vision, and can be a dangerous as a receiver.


Chris Johnson – 90 (too low)

Chris Johnson had a down year, but come on Madden. We’re talking about a guy who had over 2,000 rushing yards three years ago and has the most yards from scrimmage over his first four years in NFL history. He is the fast runningback in the league and one of the fastest in the NFL. He should bounce back from the lockout ruined season a year ago.


Victor Cruz – 90 (too low)

If Jimmy Graham can muster a 95 rating from just one good season, then Cruz should be rated way higher than 90. He had over 1,500 yards last year and was a big play machine. The Giants have one of the top passing games in the league and it’s embarrassing that Cruz is not at least a 95.


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