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Madden 13: Analyzing the New York Giants Skill Position Player Ratings

Madden 13 presented by EA Sports is set to hit stores this Tuesday and like this time every year, there are some player ratings that makes sense and some that leave us questioning the process. I examined the entire list of player ratings and picked out a few that bothered me, but this article will take a look at all the skill position offensive players on the New York Giants and analyze their rating.

The Giants are typically one of the better teams to use on Madden because they had a great offensive line and you could run the ball like crazy with them. Now they have some of the better weapons on the outside and an elite quarterback, but the running game has gone down the crapper.

If you’re a team that likes to throw the ball, the Giants could be a team you have your sights on. Let’s take a look at the ratings.



Eli Manning – 97

For years Eli has been rated too low in Madden and is finally getting the respect he deserves after having a tremendous season in which he racked up 4,933 yards and 29 touchdowns. He’s always had the tools to be an elite quarterback and he finally put it all together. He’s had seasons in which he played well, but 2011 was the first that he put up top quarterback numbers. You will not be disappointed



Ahmad Bradshaw – 88 - The Giants have had a diamond in the rough in Bradshaw and he broke out in 2010 with over 1,200 yards. 2011 was a step back mainly because he battled injuries all year, but if he stays healthy he’s one of the better backs in the league. He’s a tough runner and has break away speed, but has had trouble with foot injuries and that has held him back.

David Wilson – 74 – The Giants’ rookie made waves when he got the starting nod against the Chicago Bears last Friday and performed better than anyone could have expected against the Bears’ top defenders. He has blazing speed and should really help the Giants offense as Bradshaw’s backup. I imagine myself using Wilson a ton in Madden, as the backs with speed tend to be much better in the game then they are in real life.

Da’Rel Scott – 63 – Scott has a ton of speed and could challenge Wilson for the backup runningback spot, but it’s not likely that he gets a ton of carries. He’s solid in special teams though, as he showed when he blocked a punt against the Bears. He could also be in line to be the team’s kick returner, so Scott definitely has a place on this roster.

D.J. Ware – 62 – Ware’s ceiling is not very high and he doesn’t play special teams, so he could become a casualty when teams make the roster cuts this week. Tom Coughlin likes his veterans though, so his knowledge of the offense and pass blocking schemes could help him stick around.

Andre Brown – 62 - Brown will not likely make the 53-man roster.


Wide Receiver

Hakeem Nicks – 94 – Nicks is the best all-around wide receiver on the Giants from a talent stand point, and it may have been that reason why teams focused on him and let Cruz rack up the numbers. He does not have blazing speed, but he’s fast enough to make plays for you on short and intermediate routes. He has some of the best hands in the league as well so you won’t have to worry about drops.

Victor Cruz – 90 – Being the faster of the top two receivers, Cruz will be able to help you in those screen and deep route situations. He is great out of the slot so you may want to move him around. Slant routes are perfect for a guy like Cruz who can be dangerous after the catch.

Domenik Hixon – 73 – Hixon is good for your fourth receiving option, but has lost some speed due to his multiple ACL surgeries. He’ll likely be the team’s top kick returner in the game, but I’d recommend swapping him out for someone with a higher speed rating.

Rueben Randle – 69 – With all the rave on Randle during the offseason and training camp, I’m surprised to see Randle rated so low. I get the feeling after a few games and some good performances that EA will update Randle’s rating. He’s a big, fast receiver will deep play capability.

Ramses Barden69 – Barden had a terrific game against the Bears last Friday and may have secured a roster spot. The Giants will have to make a decision on whether they want to keep Barden or a receiver that’s going to help on special teams. With so many weapons in front of him, it still may not have been enough that Barden performed well on Friday.


Tight End

Martellus Bennett – 79 – Bennett is very athletic and you should be able to get better production out of him than his rating indicates. He is tall and should easily beat one on one coverage when matched up against linebackers. Like in real life, you should be able to use him as a red zone threat and he’ll be a great outside run blocker. 

Bear Pascoe – 70 – Pascoe is currently listed as the team’s No. 1 tight end but Bennett is definitely the better option of the two as far as Madden is concerned. Bennett is taller, faster and a better blocker. I don’t imagine you using Pascoe all that often sans an injury.


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