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NFL Rumors: Miami Dolphins Trading Matt Moore?

The 2012 Miami Dolphins offense was on the verge of being led by veteran David Garrard. A fluky injury just hours before the initial preseason game ended that. Then Matt Moore was listed as the #1, with rookie Ryan Tannehill as the back-up. That too has changed. Tannehill is the sure #1 going forward, and Garrard will be back from injury at some point soon. These circumstances have potentially left Moore as the odd man out. The rumors are starting about trading Moore.

GM Jeff Ireland has a few positions on the roster in need of talent upgrade and/or depth. The right side of the offensive line is potentially iffy (certainly there is a lack of depth there). The wide receiver group is arguably as bad as it gets in the NFL (especially since one of their best WRs, Brian Hartline, remains sidelined with an injury). Ireland will be scouring the waiver wire, but word is he may be able to fetch a return asset in exchange for Moore.

These days you do not get your starting QB to play 16 games (rare anyway). The back-up is going to see action, in some cases a lot of action. For Miami, Garrard has likely shown enough in training camp to have Joe Philbin believe that he can be the back-up to Tannehill. Pat Devlin is a dictionary definition of practice squad QB. Where does the 2011 Dolphins MVP Moore fit in? He might not at all.

Miami has already invested over $1 million in the last few months to Garrard, plus he has outplayed Moore. I would think the organization would want Garrard to be the #2, Tannehill the #1. This is only if Garrard can return from his injury soon. If he is going to need a lot of time still then he may be cut. Hard to say if cutting Garrard would effect Moore’s status with the team, but the truth is they both may go. Garrard as a back-up is sound strategy, but with his price-tag he certainly needs to return to the field asap if he wants to continue his stint as a Dolphin.

Moore is a guy who is very inconsistent. Even in his best season (2011) he started with a 0-3 record , then went on a 3-0 run, and finished on a 3-3 run. Overall 6-6 as a starter. Some flashes of good (not great) mixed with flashes of mediocre. Decent at best. Even in his days with the Carolina Panthers he was the same way. Flashes of winning QB play, mixed with some poor results too. Career 32 TDs with 26 INTs. We even see that despite being the 2011 Dolphins MVP the organization drafted Tannehill and brought in Garrard to replace him. So what kind of asset can the ‘Phins expect back for him?

I see the WR group as terrible (outside of Davone Bess). The WRs have had weeks to separate themselves and earn playing time. It has not happened. I would think that Moore could only land a C or C-minus caliber WR, but that would (sadly) provide an upgrade to the position. It would give someone else a chance to show they are better than most in this underwhelming group currently wearing the aqua and white jerseys.

Moore has value as a veteran back-up who is comfortable in the back-up role. He is not a guy who will rock the boat. Fantastic team guy. Question is, will he remain a Phintastic team guy?!?! I don’t see Moore as a mentor for a young QB, but he would be a great cheerleader/support for a young QB. Rumors have Moore in trade talks with the Arizona Cardinals and Denver Broncos (likely more teams to come). We will watch this story closely.

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