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NFL Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson Named Starting Quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks in Week One

The efforts of Russell Wilson this preseason have paid off for the rookie quarterback, as he’s been named the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks for the last preseason game and week one of the regular season.

Wilson, who came out of the draft in the third round, was scrutinized for being too small to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. But after a great training camp and continuing to perform in games, he’s moved himself into the number one position in Seattle.

So far this preseason all touchdown passes have been thrown by Wilson along with a rushing score, he has totaled 464-yards in the air. With his consistency over the preseason the young rookie has earned the starting role over free agent signing Matt Flynn.

Along with making the important plays to move the ball, Wilson has only one interception that occurred in his first appearance for Seattle against the Tennessee Titans. Wilson has a mind for the game and has been able to avoid the mistakes that a lot of rookie quarterbacks are subject too.

Flynn has struggled moving the ball on offense and sat out of the Seahawks preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs do to an elbow injury that has been bothering him. With the injury still bugging Flynn and Wilson’s success with the first team, the smartest choice for starting quarterback is Wilson.

With Wilson having the number one spot in Seattle, the total number of starting rookie quarterbacks in the NFL reaches five. All of the hype surrounds the first and second round picks in Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, but Wilson has shown his ability to be a playmaker at the quarterback position both through the air and on the ground.

The Seahawks are in excellent shape if their rookie quarterback can succeed at a young age and become a franchise player for this young team. Wilson can set the tone for the year early in his first regular season start against the division rival Arizona Cardinals, and put them on top of the division.