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NFL Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks Have Released Veteran Receiver Terrell Owens

The decision has been made as to which veteran receiver the Seattle Seahawks are going to keep on the roster heading into the regular season between Bryalon Edwards and Terrell Owens.

Early this morning, Owens tweeted that he had been released from the Seahawks organization saying, “I’m no longer a Seahawk.” He went on to thank the organization for the opportunity they gave him.

After his performance this preseason, it is no shock that he was released from the team. In two preseason games he has caught only two pass while missing other opportunities to demonstrate why he deserves a spot on the roster.  When it comes to a veteran player like Owens who’s infamous for being a huge distraction and drama queen, there is no reason to keep him if he isn’t producing.

When you have two receivers at the end of their careers such as Owens and Edwards who have both been labeled as a bit of a distraction, the task becomes finding out who is the lesser of the two evils.

Edwards is slightly younger than Owens and has been able to show some production while on the field this preseason. With a young quarterback fighting his way into the starting position, the organization does not want to surround the player with selfish teammates who have a history of hurting a team’s chemistry.

By releasing Owens, the Seahawks have freed a position for the younger guys to work for while getting rid of possible distractions that could end up doing more bad than good.

Edwards will take the veteran role in the receiving core as the young quarterbacks continue to grow with this team.