Tennessee Titans cut Eleven players from their Roster to meet preseason Maximum

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It’s that time in the preseason where the hardest decisions will be made. By tomorrow all NFL teams must cut their active roster from 90 players down to 75 and by the first game of the regular season all teams must shift down to 53 players.

The Tennessee Titans made some hard calls but had to release eleven players today including, quarterback Nick Stephens, running backs Herb Donaldson, tight end Joey Haynos, wide receivers Laquinton Evans and Chase Deadder and Marcus Harris. Among the offensive line the team said good bye to George Bias and Jonathan Palmer. Safety Christian Scott and kicker William Batson were also released.

The Titans were able to free up two spots by placing wide receiver Marc Mariani on the injured reserve list and newly drafted Markelle Martin on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list.

There will need to be 22 more players cut throughout the week to meet the 53 player max it’s just a matter on who will be amongst those cut. There is a big “IF” rolling around the organization and the NFL whether or not Kenny Britt will continue to play football as a Tennessee Titan.

Kenny Britt has caused way too much drama to the team already this year, regardless if Marc Mariani is out for the season, Kendall Wright is doing amazing things already for the team and with him and Nate Washington working together it’s going to be just fine for the Titans to improve on their 9-7 record.

It will be interesting to see what cuts are made prior to the last preseason game.