Buffalo Bills Cut Quarterback Vince Young

By Adam McGill

The fact that the Buffalo Bills traded a mid-round pick for Seattle Seahawks’ veteran quarterback Tarvaris Jackson on Sunday night, meant only one thing for Vince Young.  That  his time in Western New York is already over.

The Buffalo Bills cut Young before the ink was even dry on Jackson’s contract, perhaps showing the team’s utter frustration with Young this summer.  Young had just signed a $2 million dollar contract this off-season with the Bills, and the team brought him in to be the backup quarterback to Ryan Fitzpatrick.  However, the fact that Young could not even win the job over third-string quarterback, Tyler Thigpen, forced the team to cut their losses before the regular season even started.

Young looked absolutely abysmal throughout the preseason, and he looked even worse in training camp.  He was unable to pickup head coach Chan Gailey’s offense and it showed in every snap.  In Buffalo’s last preseason game alone, Young threw 2 interceptions to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ defense.  He consistently stared down his receivers, as if they were a contract extension, only making the jobs of the Steelers’ defensive backs that much easier.

Young also did not look as mobile as he has in the past.  Apparently his numerous hamstring injuries have finally caught up with the former Rose Bowl MVP.

The newly acquired, Jackson, was scheduled to make $4 million dollars this year for Seattle, but Buffalo is said to have already restructured the deal to get that hefty number down a little.  Jackson now will step into a team that desperately needs a veteran backup at the quarterback position, and after Young was unable to make this transition, the team  quickly made the move to bring in Jackson.

Young has now played for three different teams within the last 16 months and it appears his NFL career is quickly coming to an end.  Young will have difficulty finding work in the league, especially after being cut by a team that desperately needed a backup quarterback.

This may be the last we ever see of VY, that is until his reality television show, “VY on VH1”, comes out next summer.

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