My Thoughts about the Released Buffalo Bills Players

By Scott DelleFave

In my first article for I will comment about the recently released Buffalo Bills in order to make it under the required 75 by the 4P.M. deadline today.

LB Danny Batten I really liked Danny, however since we switched back to a 4-3 style defense, he really wasn’t going to be an effective Linebacker, and I also think some team that runs the 3-4 will pick him up since he is at worst solid depth as a reserve.

WR David Clowney He had an uphill battle to make the final 53 even, he was this year’s Buster Davis or Chad Jackson from the previous two years of Chan Gailey signing a lower tier Free Agent WR that people heard of and sees if they latch on and fit the system.

DE Sean Ferguson Didn’t really see much playing time, and expected nothing out of him due to the huge name players ahead of him.

CB Prince Miller I was kind of shocked by this one since I thought he was playing solid and could have became possibly like Terrance McGee, as in an undersized and highly talented corner.

TE Fendi Onobun He was a freak athlete, however his transition from a different college never really translated into success into the NFL the way Stephen Neal or Antonio Gates did.

DT Jay Ross I didn’t expect him to be anything more than a camp body. Not to disrespect him but he was at best the sixth best defensive tackle on our team, and that’s where we are the strongest on our team.

WR Derek Session Had a lot of drops in training camp, and for any wide receiver that’s trying to break the incumbent starters up, you have to do something to stick out in a good way, and dropping passes isn’t a good thing.

DB Nick Sukay Defensive Back is absurdly deep in Buffalo and I didn’t think he had a shot at all.

OG Jake Vermiglio We drafted three lineman this year, and he wasn’t one of them so I saw it as doubtful to make the team at best.

QB Vince Young It would be much more shocking to hear his name being released if the Bills didn’t trade a conditional 7th round pick for Tavaris Jackson, but more on that in my next article.

All and all no real jaw dropping surprises, there seldom are with the first wave of cuts.

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